DAS Labs Woke AF Black Sets on the Beach


WOKE AF™ isn't for fledglings, youngsters, or individuals who twist in the squat rack. This stim substantial portion has been detailed for those with just the most grounded of resiliency. 3 distinct energizers joined with clinically demonstrated comprehension enhancers, and a powerful conveyance system will help you stay WOKE through the most extreme exercises, longest work shifts, memorial parks, study meetings, (or essentially pulverizing your foes, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the outcry of their kin). 

The (un)holy trinity of energizers conveys energy, just as the emotions that should accompany higher energy, in a couple of amazing ways. 333mg of caffeine does what you realize it does. We additionally use Synephrine and Dendrobium, however. Together, these powerful energizers can help the state of mind, inspiration, center, and even lift digestion. Giving you all the energy to kill exercises without causing you to feel "over-stim'd." Because TRUE energy should upgrade your preparation, not divert you. 

We accept your pre-workout ought to convey benefits past preparing execution improvement, however. Not exclusively does this epic equation supercharge your exercises, it supplies you with enduring advantages to keep your framework working at ideal levels. It does this with an earth-shattering mineral mix, Humic/Fulvic corrosive.

Benefits You Can Trust

  • Promotes healthy detoxification
  • Encourages nutrient absorption
  • An energy so epic it might as well be transcendental
  • Euphoria-level mood IG meme-worthy motivation
  • May boost metabolism
  • Improved blood flow for potent PUMPS
  • Enhanced endurance and stamina
  • Surgical precision focus
  • Hydration and recovery