Chemix Intra-Workout


Chemix Intra-Workout is a Tri-Carb mix that helps support perseverance as well as helps in fast recuperation, cell hydration, volumization, just as expanding anabolic reaction.

Not exclusively is Chemix Intra-Workout better than different recipes available yet it can likewise be utilized at the same time as a post-workout equation when your exercise is done.

Research shows that preparation for spans as short as 30 minutes can exhaust glycogen levels up to 40%. Instructional meetings in the 60-hour and a half range can exhaust glycogen levels fundamentally more.

Enjoy the delicious taste of Chemix-Intra Workout in amazing flavors like Orange Tangelo and Wild Apple Melon available now from Chemix.



Cluster Dextrin or highly branched cyclic dextrin(HBCD) is a high molecular weight cyclic molecule of dextrose. It has low osmotic pressure, meaning it can be easily absorbed in the stomach and used for quick energy. Studies show that mice given HBCD were able to have greater swimming endurance compared to glucose. More human studies have also shown increased time to exhaustion and a decrease in perceived exertion.

D-ribose is the sugar moiety that is part of all nucleotides such as DNA, RNA, and more importantly ATP. Studies have shown that supplementing with D- ribose can replenish ATP levels to levels pre-exercising, as well as increase muscular strength and total work output. Creatine gets phosphorylated, just like AMP and these are high-energy bonds when broken.

Ornithine is an amino acid that is part of the urea cycle and helps dispose of ammonia via urea. Ammonia can build up during a workout from the breakdown of AMP. This ammonia can increase the production of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, which can cause mental and physical fatigue.

Electrolytes are usually one of the first things lost when training via sweat and depletion. Betaine is known as an osmolyte and can bring water to your cells for cell swelling and hydration. Pink Himalayan sea salt was also added for the natural sodium content. Your body needs both sodium and potassium to contract muscles.

This is unlike any intra-workout on the market with brand name ingredients at clinical doses to help you train longer and harder in the gym.