Start your exercise session right every time with the BPI Sports 1.M.R VORTEX pre-training powder! This exceptional creation is intended to help you train more grounded, harder and all the more proficiently, guaranteeing that your time in the gym isn't squandered. Regardless of what sort of preparing you're doing, 1.M.R VORTEX keeps you experiencing the most extraordinary instructional courses!

Why Is It Better?

1.M.R VORTEX contains caffeine which has been shown to help improve focus and keeps you alert throughout the day. This herbal supplement helps increase blood flow and promotes healthy weight loss.1.M.R Vortex allows you to push the limits of training, no matter what time you work out. Another performance ingredient in this formula is glycerol which facilitates more efficient water transport to your cells, supporting cellular hydration and increasing muscle volume during your workout.

Only use 1.M.R VORTEX on your training days. It's easy to prepare, just mix one serving into 6-8 ounces of cold water. Do not exceed 2 servings within a 24 hour periodand avoid taking it within 4 hours before your bedtime to avoid sleeplessness.

If you’re looking for a massive boost in your workout, then your search ends with the BPI Sports Pre-Training Powder. Designed with maximum power, strength, energy and focus in mind, this supplement won’t let you down in your never-ending quest for a great body.


  • Powerful Pre-Workout Powder
  • Power up with 1.M.R VORTEX before you undertake an intense fitness program! This pre-workout provides extreme energy, intense focus, and increases in strength and power.
  • Caffeine For Energy And Focus

No more excuses, get moving! The caffeine in 1.M.R VORTEX gives you the boost you need in the gym, plus keeps you focused and dialed in during your training session.

Glycerol For Hydration And Muscle Volume

Glycerol promotes water transfer to each cell, thus allowing your muscles to be full and pumped. Look fuller and more muscular, showing better and vascularity.

Do More Every Day!

Don’t settle for less when you’re working out to be the best! Take 1.M.R VORTEX pre-workout training powder and feel the results immediately. No more excuses, only real gains!

Why use 1MR VORTEX?

  • Increased Strength
  • Unstoppable Energy
  • Enhanced Performance