Axe & Sledge Farm Fed 2lb


AXE & SLEDGE FARM FED, this 100% GRASS-FED Whey Protein Isolate is the cutting edge in regular protein. Protein is a fundamental piece of the building and keeping up your muscle, and we at AXE & SLEDGE request that our whey protein be top-notch! FARM FED is a protein wherein ranchers have taken care of their cows normally without the pointless utilization of engineered chemicals, for example, RBST and RBGH.

We didn't stop there. We needed to ensure that you expand this perfect protein. So we added DIGESEB® PLUS. A stomach related compound mix that contains two high-action proteases for far and away superior protein assimilation. Enhancing the body's characteristic compound creation with a stomach related chemical mix advances processing and powerful retention of supplements. In contrast to ANTACIDS or some physician recommended drugs, DIGESEB® doesn't simply kill stomach corrosive or moderate the stomach related cycle, it helps address the foundations for stomach related inconvenience.

What can you expect in each serving of AXE & SLEDGE FARM-FED:

  1. 22g of Isolate GRASS-FED PROTEIN
  2. Gluten-free (S’mores is not gluten-free)
  3. Performance-based with naturally occurring BCAAs
  4. Antibiotic-free, RBGH free
  5. Non-GMO
  6. Naturally flavored
  7. Low fat
  8. DIGESEB® Plus Digestive enzyme blend