Alani Nu Turmeric


The newAlani Nu Turmeric has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that may help reduce some disease. Also, some found out that turmeric helps losing weight by regulating sugar levels and preventing insulin resistance.

A powerful spice that has been used by the Chinese and Indians for thousands of years ago as a spice and medicinal herb. And now, being formulated byAlani Nu,this supplement will give you boundless benefits.

Alani Nu Turmeric contains the following:

  • Alani Nu Turmericprovides 1200mg of turmeric (Curcuma longa)(root) powder.
  • It also has 100mg of Turmeric (Curcuma longa) (root) - Standardized to 95% Curcuminoids which helps the body manage its inflammatory conditions, metabolic syndrome, anxiety, arthritis, and hyperlipidemia.
  • It may also help in the management of exercise-induced inflammation and muscle soreness.
  • Alani Nu Turmeric also has antioxidant support properties.
  • A Gluten-free and vegan supplement from Alani Nu.